butternut squash

One of my all time favorites is squash! I love it steamed, oven roasted, pureed, and in baked goods! I will be sharing these recipes with you very shortly!

What are you fall favorites? Maybe a pumpkin spiced latte? Pumpkin pancakes?

Not only are pumpkin foods delicious, they are also healthy! Say butternut squash for example

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Dal! Dal! Oh dal! Not something I grew up eating.

When I was flipping through cookbooks at barns and nobles  (does anyone else do that?) I was inspired!

I seen dal made all kinds of different ways! I became curious! Me, such a foodie, hasn’t had dal? Yes this was true!

When I came home I thought about the flavors I wanted in my dal…It definitely needed to be creamy! Ginger and a little spice. Not too much ginger. Just the right amount!

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This has been a very hard week for me…I got one of my wisdom teeth pulled  :/ and my sister, who I am very close to, has moved away. To Hawaii. I live in California. That is very far! Her daughter was my daughters best friend. We would hang out a few times a week…but I need to look at the bright side! Now, I will have a place to visit when my family and I will  be visiting Hawaii!

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Eggplant is in season! I am coming up with different ways to prepare it daily! My favorites are the baked eggplant with figs and eggplant grilled. It is very filling and packed with nutrients!

Eggplant contains other compounds that promote good health as well, even to the point of helping to prevent cancer and lowering cholesterol.

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This has became my new favorite! It’s very simple to prepare and absolutely delicious! The avocado and the hummus marry perfectly together.

They avocado delivers lots of health properties

– fiber

– protein

– contain in excess of 25 essential nutrients, including vitamin A, B, C, E, & K, copper, iron, phosporus, magnesium, and potassium

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