This is definitely a family favorite! I grew up eating this in the fall and winter time!  Of course my mom would prepare it with either goat or cow milk.  And yes for me, that wasn’t the favorite part of it! So I recreated this to a healthier and tastier version! Sorry mother! Instead of cow or goat, I like to use coconut milk. And I like to add millet and arborio rice for extra protien and fiber.

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Brussels sprouts are one of my fall favorites! The texture, flavor and how they look like baby cabbages is amazing!

You can enjoy brussels sprouts in many different ways! I like to have them roasted, baked, raw in a salad and cooked. My latest creation is balsamic glazed! And it’s absolutely delicious!

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bok choy

I love drinking my green juice in the morning. As I mentioned before, I receive farm fresh deliveries and this week I got bok choy. I like to use it in a stir-fry, soup and this time, I tried it in my juice! I really liked it! It was fresh and it delivers lots of nutrients!

Bok choy is a low-calorie, zero-fat food that also has lots of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. In fact, one cup of shredded raw bok choy contains about half of your daily requirement for each of these nutrients. Plus, you’ll get healthy levels of folate and vitamin B6, as well. All these benefits come in a light tasting leafy vegetable that can be easily prepared as part of a quick saute of Asian-style vegetables.

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butternut squash

One of my all time favorites is squash! I love it steamed, oven roasted, pureed, and in baked goods! I will be sharing these recipes with you very shortly!

What are you fall favorites? Maybe a pumpkin spiced latte? Pumpkin pancakes?

Not only are pumpkin foods delicious, they are also healthy! Say butternut squash for example

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Dal! Dal! Oh dal! Not something I grew up eating.

When I was flipping through cookbooks at barns and nobles  (does anyone else do that?) I was inspired!

I seen dal made all kinds of different ways! I became curious! Me, such a foodie, hasn’t had dal? Yes this was true!

When I came home I thought about the flavors I wanted in my dal…It definitely needed to be creamy! Ginger and a little spice. Not too much ginger. Just the right amount!

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